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Karen and Rick Maxson form the core of Uke 66, a `ukulele band based in Springfield, MO. They play for audiences in the Midwest, West Coast, Japan, Mexico, and Hawaii, where they were awarded first place in Group and Solo categories and “Best Original Song” at the International `Ukulele Contest (2019 & 2020). Back home they serve as “Touring Performers” for the Missouri Arts Council.

As Uke 66, Karen and Rick play originals and covers, from vintage and contemporary Hawaiian to jazz, swing, blues, and pop at festivals, community gatherings, corporate events, private events, and care facilities. Karen and Rick hope to increase awareness and appreciation for the ukulele through their music. Find out how Karen and Rick got together by clicking here.

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Musical Options

for a Variety of Events

As Uke 66, the Maxsons can be found playing for corporate events, private parties, and festivals. While their musical styles vary, their sets feature:

  • Jazz standards from “The Great American Song Book”
  • Originals
  • Traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music (in English and Hawaiian)
  • Christmas/Holiday favorites
  • Pop/Folk - the kind of thing you expect people to play

Preview their repertoire below, and consider contacting Uke 66 for your next event.

American Jazz


Love Songs


Random Sample

`Ukulele Workshops

With years of professional, certified teaching experience, the Maxson’s specialize in providing engaging and sticky* workshops for new and experienced players. Three of their most popular workshops are listed below. Contact Uke 66 to see how they can bring a new level of musical enrichment to your club, class, or organization.

*Practical and measurable learning outcomes that you will remember and use.

`Ukulele for the Beginner

Be ready for that next campfire or jam session by learning to play the ukulele!

There is no prior experience required for this workshop. You will learn the basics of handling, tuning, strumming, and playing chords that are fundamental to the songs people love to sing together.

Ukuleles will be provided. This workshop is limited to 20 participants who are 10 years and older.

`Ukulele Tablature: Breaking the Code

Ready for some riff in your life? Learn how to read tablature, a simple system of music notation based on the four strings of the ukulele and its frets.

In this workshop, Karen will explain how tablature differs from musical notation, how to read it, and then how to apply it to your playing. You’ll learn some simple single-note melodies, and if time allows, some riffs, popular song intros, and a tablature-based picking pattern.

Open Chord Embellishments

Getting tired of simply strumming chords? What if you could sound more sophisticated by just moving (or lifting) one finger? You can with “Open Chord Embellishments.”

This is a fun—fingers on—workshop, ideal for confident beginners to intermediate players that will add sophisticated sound to your playing.

Video Gallery

Makin’ Biscuits: Uke 66 Original

Kāne`ohe Lanai: Uke 66 Original

Isesaki Spring: Uke 66 Original

Route 66: Uke 66 Cover

Mama’s Broken Heart: Uke 66 Cover

Hele on to Kaua`i: Uke 66 Cover

Ozark Autumn Morning: Uke 66 Original

Hedgehog Café: Uke 66 Original

KLOR 10/Ozarks Live: Uke 66 Original

Photo Gallery

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